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Chain Lube


Environmentally friendly lube that protects against everyday corrosion and wear

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This is an environmentally friendly chain lube designed for everyday use. We wanted something that would perform in mixed weather conditions yet be easy to clean off when needed. Total integration with Fenwick’s Foaming CHAIN CLEANER and Fenwick’s CHAIN CLEANING SPONGE has led to the most effective method of chain maintenance.

More information

Directions for use: Shake well. For best results apply to a clean chain.
  1. Twist top cap to regulate flow
  2. Apply a drop of lube to each roller
  3. Rotate chain for 20 seconds
  4. If required, wipe off excess with clean cloth

Product description

Our Chain Lube will give great performance no matter what the weather. It’s designed not to pick up dust in dry conditions or dirt in wet conditions making it a great chain lube for everyday use. With the added benefit of being environmentally friendly Fenwick’s Chain Lube has just become the obvious choice.