About us

Not What You Know, It's Who You Know
Fenwicks, a father and son business, was started at a garage workbench in 1995. It's inception was due to developing and producing a cleaner for a family friend. He was a caravanner (stick with us) and loved his caravan and his family adventures in it. His concern was that his very expensive caravan paint surface was being damaged by aggressive cleaning products. Jonathon the owner of Fenwick's had studied Material Science at University and this is why the family friend approached him. Jonathon saw this as a great problem to resolve and set about the task of researching the market and how to make a cleaning fluid with big improvements.

Start As You Mean To Carry On
Initial results were fantastic and time showed that the cleaner, worked amazingly well and left no mark or damage on the caravan surface. From that very day our standards of creating effective harmless cleaning fluids has been at the forefront of all our product development.

The Bike
Personally, Jonathon and his twin brother James are avid cyclists. Road, mountain bike and triathlon have been part of their lives forever. From daily commute to riding the length of North America and even representing GB the bicycle is a fundamental part of their lives. Jonathon realised that bike cleaning products available at the time had damaged the paint on some very expensive forks. He set to work on developing a bike cleaner that had to be more effective against mud and grime than a caravan cleaner, yet had the same properties and caused no damage to the surfaces, or the environment. Hog Wash was born and soon proved to be a best seller in local bike shops.

At Our Core
Yes the brand has changed (grown up) and formulas have been tweaked. Yet the fundamental core ethos is to produce safe products that can be trusted and do the job quickly.

We Are Family
As a family business our customers are important. We provide a very personal service, welcoming all queries, questions and comments you may have on the cleaning and maintenance of your much loved caravan, motorhome, RV, car or boat, bike or anything else you just fancy having a chat to us about. We have confidence in our products and attend many major exhibitions, shows and outdoor events to give free demonstrations of our products.

When In Doubt, Give Us A Shout
Our telephone number is on every product and below. We are very happy to offer free personal advice on the care maintenance queries.

Telephone 01939 234622

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