Cleaning a bike and having fun don't at first apprear to be connected

lets face it I am not kidding anyone by saying that getting the kids involved in bike maintenance is easy. It is not what is on a childs mind post a muddy bike ride around the woods. There is certainly no convincing a child that their bike is more important than getting back to the screen once the muddy kit is off. That said looking after their own bike does not have to be dull or a chore.

Think about it. Foaming Chain Cleaner is essentially silly string that grows and grows and in some trigger happy cases, grows again! Mud flicking off a rear cassette with the use of the brush is an excuse to get muddier.

learning to look after a bike can be kids play
and fun

Not to mention blasting all the foam and mud off with a hose - akin to one of those fair ground games of balloon pop

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In all seriousness learning to look after a bike ride can be kids play and fun. Calling out the parts of a bike and getting them to aim the hose at them teaches them what it is and what it does. Post ride when you drag the muddy bike out the van or off the bike rack let the kids have a go and at the cleaning too. Let them loose with the foaming (well not too loose) and the hose, let all out chaos unfold (directed of course) in the direct of their bike. Challenge them to a timing competition of the clean up or on cleanest bike.

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Before you know it the post ride clean up will be as much fun as the cycling. Well almost.