Best Practice to do every six months or every 2 to 3 thousand miles.

This routine is for the professional bike shop/experienced/enthusiastic home mechanic and has the advantage of improving component life.

All Over Wash and Lube plus re-greasing bearings, refitting parts and bleeding brakes.

Products required
Complete Cleaning Kit
Multi-Purpose Lubricant
Suspension Lube
Disc Brake Cleaner
PTFE Anti-Seize
High Speed Grease
Carbon Assembly Paste
Copper Anti-Seize
Protective Coating

A sponge or brush and a bucket of clean water.

Perform a Complete Wash and Lube followed by greasing wheel, headset and bottom bracket bearings if possible, using Assembly Grease or High Speed Grease. Remove and refit seatpost, saddle, handlebars, stem, pedals and cranks, using our anti-seize and Carbon Assembly Paste to the relevant areas. Lube cables, bleed brakes and finish with by protecting the bike with Protective Coating avoiding braking surfaces and contact points.  This process should take 1 to 2 hours.