Fenwick's Brush Range is a great addition to any washing system

It’s been a long time in the making but we have finally put together a range of brushes designed to last wash, after wash, after wash.

These brushes fit our ethos perfectly, they are incredibly durable, use recycled material and developed to give years of service. Utilising German and Dutch manufacturing combined with recycled material aligns with our aim of bringing to you the very best sustainable products. The SUST (Synthetic Ultra Soft Tapered) bristle is a big step forwards in durability, domestic use should see these brushes last for 10 years or more and still look and work as good as new.

First up is our Deluxe Gear Cleaning Brush a very stiff stepped double bristle of 25mm & 35mm. Design to reach right inside and between the teeth on a cassette. It will move the hardest of congealed oil and dirt. The soft comfortable grip handle makes working with it easy. Best of all it is 80% Recycled material content.

Also great for cleaning muddy tyres, cycling shoes, walking boots and wellies.

Fenwicks Deluxe Gear Cleaning Brush

Next we have the Short Handle Wash Brush with soft 55mm flocked bristle. It is light weight, easy to control, comfortable to hold, non-slip rubber handle. Surrounded with a rubber bumper that helps protect surfaces during accidental strikes. The soft flocked/split bristle tips will retain water longer for efficient cleaning. Guaranteed to speed up the cleaning process.

Fenwicks Short Handle Wash Brush

Our SUST Long Handle Wash Brush has super soft 80mm SUST bristle. This is not a scrubbing brush; it’s designed for detailing work and hard to reach areas. It has a soft grip 400mm handle which is very comfortable and has a non-slip rubber handle. Rubber bumper also helps protect surfaces during accidental strikes. The super soft bristles are extremely durable and easy to maintain. They do not trap dirt and are stain resistant. The light coloured bristle shows contamination, making it easier to identify when the brush needs cleaning.

Fenwicks SUST Long Handle Wash Brush

Finally our SUST Long Reach Wash Brush – for your car, van or caravan. Using the super soft soft 80mm SUST bristle with a twin faced angled head 240 x 80mm. It incorporates a telescopic handle (1000-1800 mm) which can be water fed with Euro Lock hose attachment. The light weight head is so easy to control and the rubber bumper edge helps protect surfaces during accidental strikes.

Water fed - the water is delivered through separate bunch of fibres, water flows directly onto the surface that needs to be cleaned, therefore you don’t waste water.

In our tests it has speeded up cleaning of our Transporter van by almost half.

We are so pleased with the new range of brushes and all the time spent in developing them has truly paid off.

Fenwicks SUST Long Reach Wash Brush