Here at Fenwick’s we’ve been making altogether greener cleaners and lubes for bikes since the mid 1990’s. Being green has been part of our DNA since way before it was cool to tout your environmental creds. 

We’ve been quietly getting on with making products that work in harmony with the places we like to ride our bikes for over three decades now. But we wanted to go further and that’s why we’re waving a flag about joining 1% for the planet. It’s just one of the ways that we’re stepping up as a brand to do more in the pursuit of sustainability. 

But what’s 1% for the Planet all about?

1% for the planet was started by Yvon Chouinard (founder of Patagonia) and Craig Matthews to enable environmentally conscious businesses to donate 1% of their gross sales directly to environmental nonprofits that make the biggest difference.

Why is Fenwick’s joining 1% for the Planet?

As a business, making products as environmentally friendly as possible has always been part of our approach at Fenwick’s. But our founder Jonathon Smith recognised that Fenwick’s needed to play a bigger part in the climate crisis and just minimising impact isn’t enough by itself. We decided to play a direct part in reversing the damage we’re doing to the planet. Joining 1% for the Planet is a simple first step on this journey. 

What are Small Wins and what have they to do with 1% for the Planet?

In the beginning, when Jon first formulated the original Fenwick’s bike cleaner, he was spurred into action by seeing the way that other cleaners at the time would hasten the demise of the components they were meant to clean. Jon wanted a cleaner that would make his bike last a little longer - not just make it shinier. He knew that if he could make his bike parts last a little longer (1% longer perhaps?), then that would be better for the planet- a small win, but an important one. 

The Small Wins approach to business continues to differentiate Fenwick’s from the competition today. You won’t see them with a huge, power hungry point of sale hogging the limelight on the shop floor. Where other brands have a cumbersome chain bath, Fenwick’s have made something better and lighter with less material - a chain cleaning sponge. A pared down range of products that do multiple jobs well is preferred to an extensive range of niche products. Small things by themselves that make a big difference when you join them together. 

We’d love you to join us on the 1% path.