Drivetrain Clean and Lube by Jon Smith

Drivetrain Clean and Lube

The Fenwick's Game Changer!! Looking after the drivetrain

Your drivetrain is the most important part of your bike. It's good to clean once a week or after a dirty training ride, family ride or commute.

This routine is quick and easy, it uses only a small amount of product and only takes 5 minutes per bike. Doing this regularly will speed up the cleaning process. Remember weeks of grime takes more time.

Products required
Drivetrain Cleaning kit
All Conditions Chain Lube

You will also need a bucket of water or...

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Small Wins take centre stage at Fenwick’s by Paul Rowlands

Small Wins take centre stage at Fenwick’s

Here at Fenwick’s we’ve been making altogether greener cleaners and lubes for bikes since the mid 1990’s. Being green has been part of our DNA since way before it was cool to tout your environmental creds. 

We’ve been quietly getting on with making products that work in...

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Chain Bath Amnesty! by Paul Rowlands

Chain Bath Amnesty!

Make Chain Baths History!

We're changing the way you wash your bike and if you come to see us at the Tour of Britain finishes this year we'll get you started FREE

We're well aware that cleaning the drivetrain on your bike has usually been a messy old business, but...

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Fenwick’s Junior Tour of Mendip 2022 by Zac Walker

Fenwick’s Junior Tour of Mendip 2022

Race Report

We supported the Junior Tour of Mendip again this year and overall winner Zac Walker was kind enough to write up his experience of the race for us, read his race report below!

Stage 1:

Similarly to 2021, stage 1 was a...

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New Fenwick’s Brush Range Sweeps In by Jon Smith, MD

New Fenwick’s Brush Range Sweeps In

Fenwick's Brush Range is a great addition to any washing system

It’s been a long time in the making but we have finally put together a range of brushes designed to last wash, after wash, after wash.

These brushes fit our ethos perfectly, they are incredibly durable, use recycled material...

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Complete Bike Wash and Lube by Jon Smith

Complete Bike Wash and Lube

Cleaning once a month or after a very dirty ride. The whole process should take about 15 to 30 minutes.

Products required
Complete Cleaning Kit
Multi-Purpose Lubricant (optional)
Suspension Lube (optional)
Disc Brake Cleaner (optional)

A sponge or...

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Down with the kids – with bike cleaning? by Peter Thompson

Down with the kids – with bike cleaning?

Cleaning a bike and having fun don't at first apprear to be connected

lets face it I am not kidding anyone by saying that getting the kids involved in bike maintenance is easy. It is not what is on a childs mind post a muddy bike ride around the woods....

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Pining for the Alps? by Josie Herbert, Mountain Biker

Pining for the Alps?

Around about May the hankering sets in. I only have to hear a low industrial rumble faintly resembling a cable car drum and I can close my eyes and I’m off, leaning into the berms of La Roue Libre at Les Gets, or dangling my feet from the chair lift...

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Professional Products by Jon Smith

Professional Products

Best Practice to do every six months or every 2 to 3 thousand miles.

This routine is for the professional bike shop/experienced/enthusiastic home mechanic and has the advantage of improving component life.

All Over Wash and Lube plus re-greasing bearings, refitting parts and bleeding brakes.

Products required

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Fenwick’s Junior Tour of the Mendip 2021 by David Partridge

Fenwick’s Junior Tour of the Mendip 2021

Race Report

Max Poole (Fensham Howes - MAS Design) and Eilidh Shaw (Tofauti Everyone Active) were general classification winners of the Fenwick’s Junior Men’s and inaugural Junior Women’s Tour of Mendip three-day race.

Poole added the title to the Fensham Howes - MAS Design Team’s growing summer haul with...

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Why We Support Fenwicks Junior Tour of Mendip by Jon Smith

Why We Support Fenwicks Junior Tour of Mendip

Our passion for cycling runs deep. Getting young people involved in cycling and the sport is very important to us. The junior racing scene in the UK is not the best it could be. Giving young riders the opportunity to race and have a great experience has been our aim...

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