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Cleaning products

Our innovative range of fast, effective bike cleaners and brushes

Bike Cleaner

Our safe on all bike parts, reusable and refillable classic bike cleaner ;-)

Complete Cleaning Kit

All the Fenwick's products you need to look after your pride and joy

Drivetrain Cleaning Kit

Revolutionise the way you clean your chain and gears.

Essential Bike Cleaning & Lubrication Kit

Fenwick's Bike Cleaner and Chain Oil are the essential items you need.

Concentrated Bike Cleaner

Our Concentrated Bike Cleaner lasts for ages and can degrease too! 1 litre makes upto 11 litres of 'Ready to Use' Bike Cleaner ;-)

Foaming Chain Cleaner

Quickly degreases chains and gears with minimal mess and without using solvents :-)

Chain Cleaning Sponge

A tool that lasts! The chain cleaning sponge cleans all bike chains thoroughly. Perfect with our Foaming Chain Cleaner

Disc Brake Cleaner

For quick and easy cleaning, may help squeaking issues and improve braking performance

Drivetrain Degreaser

Quick and easy, for cleaning the dirtiest drivetrains, great for cleaning wax or ceramic lubes.

Gear Cleaning Brush

Fast and effective on cassettes, chains, and gear mechs.

Flow Through Bike Cleaning Brush

Effective on wheels, frames and forks. For parts where other water fed brushes can't reach

Hand Cleaner

Removes the toughest of grime and oil from your hands