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Lubrication products

High-performing lubricants and greases

Complete Cleaning Kit

All the Fenwick's products you need to look after your pride and joy

Essential Bike Cleaning & Lubrication Kit

Fenwick's Bike Cleaner and Chain Oil are the essential items you need.

Chain Lube

High performing, environmentally friendly chain lube that protects against everyday corrosion and wear

Wet Weather Chain Lube

High performing, environmentally friendly lube that penetrates and protects for a smooth-running chain

Professional Chain Lube

The ultimate in quiet, efficient and smooth running chain lubrication.

Multi-Purpose Lubricant

Instantly repels water and lubricates, a toolbox essential.

Suspension Lube Spray

Fast and effective friction reduction for forks, shocks and pivots, also good on squeaky cleats

Copper Anti Seize

Protects metals from corrosion

Assembly Grease

Low-friction formula that prolongs component life

PTFE Anti Seize

Suitable for threaded and interference fit components. Great for carbon to carbon applications

Professional Carbon Assembly Paste

Improves the grip between carbon fibre products

Professional High Speed Grease

Super low viscosity to improve bearing efficiency on race days