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Complete Cleaning Kit

All the Fenwick's products you need to look after your pride and joy.

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Make your life so much easier with our Complete Cleaning Kit


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  1. Start with the chain and gears
  2. Shake the foaming chain cleaning can well before use.
  3. Place the chain in middle gear for ease of use
  4. Whilst turning the crank spray Foaming Chain Cleaner directly on to chain
  5. Leave to soak for a couple of minutes – this can be done whilst you clean the rest of the bike with Fenwick’s Bike Cleaner
  6. Spray all your bike with the Bike Cleaner - leave for 30 secs
  7. Use a sponge or cloth to agitate the dirt on your bike making sure you rub the whole bike down
  8. Go back to the chain, using the Chain Cleaning sponge
  9. Insert chain into ‘V’ slot of sponge on the lower section of the chain
  10. Holding sponge firmly in position, run the chain backwards through the sponge for 30 seconds
  11. Rinse the chain thoroughly with clean water and the rest of the bike


  1. Now you have a clean chain - Twist top cap to regulate flow of the chain lube
  2. Apply a drop of lube to each roller
  3. Rotate chain for 20 seconds
  4. If required, wipe off excess with clean cloth

Product description

Complete Cleaning Kit contents:

Chain Lube 100ml, Foaming Chain Cleaner 200ml, Chain Cleaning Sponge, Gear Cleaning Brush,  Bike Cleaner Ready to Use 1ltr, Bike Cleaner Concentrate refill 95ml

Our biodegradable chain lube, will last the distance and is designed to work well with our range of cleaning products to make your life easier.

Fenwick’s biodegradable Foaming Chain Cleaner is a real innovation in bike maintenance. Utilising Fenwick’s cleaning superiority, chain cleaning has never been so easy. With its simple mess-free application, Foaming Chain Cleaner clings to components, with very little waste as only 5-10ml of product is needed per clean. Foaming Chain Cleaner does not use solvents or acids (citrus) to be effective, resulting in a safe product to use.

The Chain Cleaning Sponge scrubs all four sides of the chain simultaneously and very thoroughly, without harming the chain in any way, and can be cleaned out with Foaming Chain Cleaner or Concentrated Bike Cleaner after use.

The long handled Gear Cleaning Brush permits easy, safe access to all sizes of cassette, derailleurs and chainsets, utilising dual stiffness bristles to improve penetration for quicker cleaning.

Fenwick’s Bike Cleaner Ready To Use comes in a handy trigger bottle which is designed to be refilled using our Bike Cleaner Concentrate, you have a 95ml refill in the kit 🙂

Safe to use on all surfaces including disc brakes, being biodegradable it won’t let you down, with a refill level on the bottom of the bottle to be reused time and time again, less waste.

You can’t go wrong with this kit!!