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Hugh Blair

18th April 2024

Bought a faulty can of chain cleaner. Left a review. Was contacted by "James" of Fenwick's A replacement can has been forwarded to me! Thanks "James"! Brilliant customer service!
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Joe Stephens

12th July 2022

I enjoy trying out various bike cleaning products and Fenwicks is as good as any I've tried with the massive plus points of it being dilutable and the fact it doubles up as a true degreaser. I tested it on a brand new Motocross chain where it's coated in the packet with the stickiest chain grease your come across. Usually I end up using petrol to clean the grease off its that strong yet Fenwicks cut through with ease and beauty that it rinsed off with the hose pipe.
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Michael Edwards

8th April 2022

Fenwick’s is brilliant, I use it all the time mainly on my mountain bike, but also on the cross and road bikes. I bought some more concentrate on Weds from One Planet Adventure Trail centre where I ride. It’s also useful for getting Road grime off the alloy wheels of the car and even on the chills of our PVCu windows.
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Fields electric

15th January 2022

Very effective, cleans all the gunk from troublesome folding bike components. it foams a bit so need to rinse off.

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