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Copper Anti Seize


Protects metals from corrosion

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This traditional copper anti seize is to be used on parts that are not often undone.

It prevents seizing and aids assembly of threaded components. It’s not until you need to undo a component that you realise how good a product this really is. For ease of use, our tube allows pinpoint accuracy without the need for a grease gun.

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Directions for use: Use Fenwick’s HAND CLEANER to remove any excess from your hands after use

Product description

Fenwick’s Copper Anti-Seize grease protects metals from corrosion and aids sealing and assembly. It stops metal parts becoming seized or frozen and is ideal for titanium to titanium interface combinations, as it helps prevent galling. Ideal for use on threaded and interference fit components. A thin smear may be added to the back of disc brake pads to help eliminate brake squeal, making sure to avoid the braking surfaces.

Conveniently packaged to provide accurate product application without the need for a grease gun.