Fenwicks Flow Through Bike Brush

Flow Through Bike Cleaning Brush

Effective on wheels, frames and forks


For parts where other water fed brushes cant reach

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Paul R

9th March 2022

Super ergonomic and fits in all the places it needs to on my cross bike. Loving being able to clean the bike without having the faff of getting a jetwash out all the time.
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Wayne Schofield

18th December 2021

It would be much better if water only came out of the one side of the brush. As it is, squirting out on opposing sides, you just can't use it without getting soaked yourself. I've modified mine with some plastic trim rivets to block two holes off on one side, and it's much better for it.

James Smith

30th December 2021

Wayne, thank you for your feedback, the brush is designed for use on very low pressure. I do like your trick though. Cheers James
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Jon Smith

19th November 2021

It reminds me of a dwarfs Christmas tree

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