Foaming Chain Cleaner

Quickly degreases chains and gears


200ml, 500ml

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Hugh Blair

10th April 2024

Nozzle totally clogged ( even after vigorous shaking and standing in a bowl of warm water)
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Gavin Turner

24th September 2023

Brilliant cleaner. The foaming action with the sponge, cleans the chain brilliantly and litfs the paste other chain cleaners leave behind.
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8th June 2022

Very efficient chain cleaner used with sponge for best results!
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Stuart Jenkins

18th April 2022

The best degreaser I've ever used. Very efficient and powerful, it doesn't create a mess like other degreasers I've used in the past. A big thumbs up from me and highly recommended.

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Great with the Chain Cleaning Sponge

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