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Foaming Chain Cleaner

500ml, 200ml

Quickly degreases chains and gears with minimal mess and without using solvents.

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A simple, effective, easy way to clean your chain, without any harmful solvents or acids. This product makes chain cleaning so easy you’ll want to use it every time you wash your bike. Team it up with the Fenwick’s Chain Cleaning Sponge and you really have an unbeatable combination.

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Directions for use: Shake can before use.
  1. Place the chain in middle gear for ease of use
  2. Whilst turning the crank spray Foaming Chain Cleaner directly on to chain
  3. Leave to soak for a couple of minutes – this can be done whilst you clean the rest of the bike with Fenwick’s BIKE CLEANER
  4. For best results run the chain through the Fenwick’s Chain Cleaning Sponge, specifically designed to agitate and, importantly, capture the chain dirt for a cleaner clean
  5. Rinse thoroughly with clean water

Handy hint: As a water soluble degreaser Foaming Chain Cleaner can be used on delicate parts

Product description

Foaming Chain Cleaner is a real innovation in bike maintenance. Utilising Fenwick’s cleaning superiority, chain cleaning has never been so easy. Our Foaming Chain Cleaner makes chain cleaning part of your bike wash routine, instead of a laborious 2nd job that never gets done.

With its simple mess free application there is very little waste as only 5 to 10ml of product is needed per clean and it is biodegradable too. Foaming Chain Cleaner does not use solvents or acids (citrus) to be effective, resulting in a safe product to use. To make the process even easier just use the Chain Cleaning Sponge to scrub the chain and the Gear Brush to agitate the cassette, jockey wheels and chain-set. The cleaner is biodegradable and safe to use on anodising, carbon, plastics, rubber and painted surfaces.

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