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Gear Cleaning Brush

Fast and effective on cassettes, chains, and gear mechs.

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The Gear Cleaning Brush is designed to provide a great cleaning action across the wide range of modern cassettes. Its broad brush head cleans wide ratio cassettes or close road ratio cassettes with ease. The handle keeps your fingers and knuckles out of harm’s way, whilst the dual stiffness bristles get to work on all of the nooks and crannies.

It works a treat on the chain and chainset too.

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Handy hint: For best results, use with Fenwick’s bike cleaner, Fenwick’s Foaming Chain Cleaner, Fenwick’s Drivetrain Degreaser, avoid cross contamination from the oil by having a dedicated brush

Product description

Another industry first, an ergonomic Gear Cleaning Brush designed for both road and off road wide ratio cassettes.  A long handle allows easy, safe access to cassettes, derailleurs and chain-set and the dual stiffness bristle improves penetration. Allowing for quick and efficient cleaning. The brush also features light coloured bristle so that it’s easy to identify when the brush is clean and being bright orange it’s easy to find too. Length: 25cm