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12th June 2023

Chuck everything else away - this lasts as well as wet lube but attracts as much dirt as dry lube. Apply it to a clean chain, wait a few hours, and it dries to a genuinely clean wax coating. It lasts ages too on road and mountain.
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Ieuan Jones

5th January 2023

Awesome chain lube . My gear Chang is so much smoother with it
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Joe Mama

10th September 2022

Absolutely Amazing! Spectacular!
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Geoff Abram

20th January 2022

This is by far the best chain lube I have ever used. Absolutely silent on both my road bike and my gravel bike no matter what the conditions. One application is good for a few hundred miles. I have been amazed at how quiet it keeps the gravel bike when off roading, absolutely brilliant stuff, cannot recommend highly enough...

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