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28th May 2024

Bought this from my cycling group recommendations. I used one application before I went for a ride. The ride was Tamworth to Ostend and then back. Total of 510 miles in two days. We obviously had heavy rain in Belgium and dusty dirty rounds in England. But the chain remained smooth. I don't usually do reviews but I have to do this one. Perfect, amazing, and a thank you to you guys. 100% recommend it !!!!
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28th February 2024

Drivetrain is so quiet with this stuff, can't recommend it enough, great company. I asked about the lube via email and gotta response from the owner himself, it's like a drip wax but also a wet lube and you cannot get better for the UK conditions, great in the dry and super quiet and lasts forever in the wet and the mud, had lil bits of aluminium in it as well which just makes the longevity brilliant and the shifting super slick. So smooth and so quiet, love it.
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12th June 2023

Chuck everything else away - this lasts as well as wet lube but attracts as much dirt as dry lube. Apply it to a clean chain, wait a few hours, and it dries to a genuinely clean wax coating. It lasts ages too on road and mountain.
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Ieuan Jones

5th January 2023

Awesome chain lube . My gear Chang is so much smoother with it
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