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Professional High Speed Grease


Super low viscosity to improve bearing efficiency on race days

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If you’re racing, bearing performance is critical, and it’s crucial that the correct grease is used and in the right amount. Our grease maximises the bearing performance by reducing drag and increasing lubricity across a wide range of temperatures. Our tube al-lows the perfect amount to be applied with pinpoint accuracy and without the need for a grease gun.

+ Ultimate Performance
+ Low Friction
+ Low Drag

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Handy hint: Use Fenwick’s HAND CLEANER to remove any excess from your hands after use

Product description

Marginal gains! That’s what it’s all about. Replace your existing grease in rotational cup & cone or cartridge bearings to remove wasted watts and reduce friction. Fenwick’s Professional High Speed Grease has a super low viscosity to improve bearing efficiency for race days. The 80ml tube negates the need for a specific grease gun, as it includes a pinpoint nozzle for accurate application and minimal wastage.