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Professional Protective Coating


Invisible protection for gloss, matt and carbon finishes. Last up to 6 months. So easy to apply you won't believe it!

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Fenwick’s Professional Protective Coating is designed to complement Fenwick’s cleaning products with its ability to act as an invisible surface sealant, without changing the outward appearance of your bike.

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Directions for use: Shake well. For best results apply to a clean dry surface.
  1. Apply a small amount to a soft polishing cloth
  2. Buff into surface covering all areas evenly
  3. Allow to cure for 30 seconds
  4. Buff over. For best results leave to rest overnight

Product description

Fenwick’s Professional Protective Coating is simple and easy to apply with a minimal curing time but gives long term results as it permanently bonds to the existing surface, lasting up to 6 months.

Once sealed, the frame and components take on a new-found resistance to surface contaminants like energy drinks, gels, road grime and dirt, making cleaning quicker and easier

Invisible protection + Seals for easier cleaning + Suitable for matt and gloss finishes