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More time in the saddle, less time cleaning – the ethos behind our range of innovative accessories

Fenwicks Big Bobble Hat

Bobble Hat

Fenwick's special edition bobble hat by the Big Bobble Hat Company

Drivetrain Cleaning Kit

Revolutionise the way you clean your chain and gears.

Essential Bike Cleaning & Lubrication Kit

Fenwick's Bike Cleaner and Chain Oil are the essential items you need.

Chain Cleaning Sponge

A tool that lasts! The chain cleaning sponge cleans all bike chains thoroughly. Perfect with our Foaming Chain Cleaner

Gear Cleaning Brush

Fast and effective on cassettes, chains, and gear mechs.

Flow Through Bike Cleaning Brush

Effective on wheels, frames and forks. For parts where other water fed brushes can't reach