Fenwick’s bike cleaning guide

Fenwick's products are designed to work together, giving you the confidence your bike will always perform

Cleaning your drivetrain on your bike

If time is short then the drivetrain is the area you should look after the most.

Fenwicks Professional Protective Coating

An easy to apply frame sealant which lasts upto 6 months, helps keep the original finish of the bike, for all frame types including matt and carbon

For those sticky moments

How to use Fenwicks Suspension Lube Spray

Fenwicks Disc Brake Cleaner

A triple solvent cleaner, dries in seconds

A great versatile product, a must in your toolbox

Fenwicks Multi-Purpose Lube can be used for oiling pivot points, getting water out of gears, mechs and anywhere water shouldn't be.

How to use Fenwicks Assembly Grease

How to use Fenwicks Assembly Grease

Fenwicks Bike Maintenance Products